Time to Clean the Feeders!

October 2011

I can remember when fall meant getting the storm windows out of storage, washing them and climbing the ladder to put them up for the winter. Compared to that chore, cleaning feeders is easy. Just put all the parts of your feeder into a bucket with mild soap and water and let them soak for a while. This is especially easy with a Droll Yankees® Ring Pull bird feeder. All you do is pull the ring at the top of the vertical rod inside the feeder and voila! All the parts come away from the tube and you didn’t have to go searching for a screwdriver. But even if you don’t have a Ring Pull feeder, it’s not that hard to unscrew a couple of screws to disassemble your feeder.

Make sure you knock out any clogged seed or debris before you put the parts in the bucket to soak. Then, using our 24” Bird Feeder Brush, give all the parts and the tube a good brushing. Using a 50/50 white vinegar and water bath will sanitize the parts. Allow all the parts to dry thoroughly, then reassemble and refill your feeder. And if you have a Ring Pull, that’s just a matter of putting a male port and a female port in the topmost holes in the tube, sliding the rod through the hole in them and then aligning the holes in the base with the bottom holes in the tube, adding the last two ports and sliding the rod the rest of the way down.

Feel good about taking care of this simple chore. It’s really good for the birds and it will make your feeder look practically like new. Virginia’s YouTube video will show you how to disassemble any of our Ring Pull feeders. We’ll soon have another video of a Ring Pull feeder being disassembled and cleaned on the site, so check back for it.

We now have several models of our bird feeders available with Microban-infused feed tubes. Because the Microban antimicrobial is embedded in the plastic, it cannot wash off or wear off. It will keep on working forever. Your feeders will still need to be cleaned, but between cleanings, the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew will be inhibited. We’re the only bird feeder company that has Microban technology and we’re happy to be able to offer it to you.

Keeping feeders clean of bacteria, mold and mildew is important in offering healthy feeding stations for birds.

Just feed birds and make a world of difference!