The Droll Yankees® Story

Combine a wicked sense of humor with Yankee ingenuity and what do you get? “The World’s Best Bird Feeders®,” that’s what!

Friends Peter Kilham and Alan Bemis started Droll Yankees® as a Rhode Island-based record label in 1960 to preserve the off-color humor and tales that are unique to old New England. Peter, an engineer, artist, and inventor, was also an avid backyard birder. In 1969, he invented the tubular bird feeder—model A-6F—which revolutionized bird feeder design and which continues to be an industry-wide best seller. Filled with entrepreneurial passion, he produced the first hundred by hand, before going to American manufacturers to keep up with demand for his innovative new feeder.

For nearly half a century, we’ve proudly been an American company, and to this day we source the majority of our components from domestic manufacturers. Our bird feeders are then assembled in our facility here in Plainfield, Connecticut, USA for the quality and craftsmanship American workers provide.

We’re proud to contribute to the American economy by making The World’s Best Bird Feeders right here in the USA, and we value our American workers and the jobs that we’re able to provide them. When you purchase Droll Yankees bird feeders, you’re not just supporting the local economy here in Connecticut. American workers in the supply chain throughout the country also benefit, because components and packaging are proudly made in the USA.

With over 50 different bird feeder styles to choose from, Droll Yankees bird feeders are very easy to fill and clean, and generations of bird lovers have appreciated their quality construction, functional simplicity, and commitment to American workers. It is rare nowadays to find a company that stands behind its product, but Droll Yankees offers a Lifetime Warranty and will replace any defective or squirrel-damaged parts, free of charge. Many Droll Yankees customers have used their feeders for over 30 years!

Building on the high standards Peter Kilham set for Droll Yankees almost half a century ago, we continue to develop innovative approaches to bird feeding that benefit both wild birds and backyard birders. We say, by using a Droll Yankees product, you will save money and avoid purchasing countless numbers of lesser-quality feeders that only end up in the landfill by the end of the season. More importantly, you will also be helping the environment. And isn’t that what we want for the birds, anyway?

It might be hard to believe that one person feeding birds in their yard can help restore the balance of nature. But it’s true. Because in nature, everything is connected. And everything matters. We can make a world of difference, one bird feeder at a time. So, Just Feed Birds and Make a World of Difference®.

Video courtesy of Larry Kilham.

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