How We Think Green


Droll Yankees® manufactures and markets quality bird feeders that carry a Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage and manufacturing defects. Our products are sustainable because they are not “throw-away” items; they are designed to last for many years. Compare Droll Yankees’ quality with that of most other feeders on the market that last only a season or two, and quickly find their way to the landfill. For each Droll Yankees feeder purchased, the landfills are free of 5 to 10 (maybe more) “junk feeders.” We’ve heard from many customers whose Droll Yankees feeders have been in use for 20 years or more. And the number of consumers with Droll Yankees feeders in service for more than 10 years are too numerous to count. That’s sustainability in action!

Did You Know…?

All our feeder parts are available for sale! Consumers can buy only the parts they need from us to restore their feeders to like-new condition and use them for many more years.

Recycling – both entering and leaving our facility

We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified recycled materials – products that the FSC has certified as coming from managed and sustainable forests – for our catalog and for packaging our products as often as we can (not all printers or box manufacturers offer FSC materials), and we use recycled paper and board whenever available for other needs.

We also recycle the corrugated cardboard that we receive components in, and our used office paper. Other packing materials, such as plastic bags, that protect parts on their way to us, are reused on assembled feeders (both feeders and accessories) to protect them on their way to you. In our facility, we use paper towels and toilet tissue made from recycled paper. Every effort helps.

Smaller, Smarter Packaging

We’ve redesigned Droll Yankees’ packaging to reduce our use of paper wherever possible. Our “belly bands” use significantly less paper than our previous backer cards and box packaging. We are continually exploring any alternative packaging options that use fewer resources.

We also use a shrink-wrap packaging machine. Plastic packaging, as compared to paper packaging, uses far fewer natural resources to manufacture and is yet another way of lowering our carbon footprint.

Saving Energy

In January 2011, Droll Yankees moved into a state-of-the-art, 80,000 square-foot facility to better serve our customers. Our light fixtures use energy-efficient bulbs, with motion-detector lights in the administrative offices, restrooms, and in less-used areas of the warehouse. We’re also researching photovoltaic solar panels to provide energy to power our electrical needs..

Our conservation efforts go beyond the workplace. We’re working on helping all our employees become more aware and conscientious about the environment and protecting our world and its resources. In the lunchroom, cans and bottles are put aside for recycling. At home, we’re just about ready to install photovoltaic panels to heat our domestic hot water. We recycle paper, plastics, and glass, keep our thermostats at 62° and wear sweaters, and use “green” shopping bags. In all we do, we try to be more conscious of ways we can reduce consumption of our natural resources.

Just Feed Birds and Make a World of Difference® Initiative

Our “Just Feed Birds” initiative supports sustainability. It urges people to feed birds in an effort to help restore biodiversity – starting with their own yards or gardens. There are so many things we can do to make our world healthier. Some of these actions will cost us money and some of them will save us money, but our primary goal is to reduce our negative impact on our local environment, which in turn, will benefit birds and wildlife – and, of course, humans – as a whole. If we can empower even a few people to make small efforts to alter their habits, then we can begin to “Make a World of Difference.”

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