Childhood Birding Memories & Droll Yankees® Bird Feeders

For as long as I can remember, my dad has enjoyed bird feeding. Growing up, we had many bird feeders in our yard, and our family (especially our cats) loved watching wild birds feed and flutter from feeder to feeder. Like many of you, I grew up feeding birds from Droll Yankees® bird feeders, which gave me fond childhood memories of family and nature.

I wanted to be just like my dad, who had a Droll Yankees B-7F Classic sunflower/mixed seed feeder (he still has this durable feeder some 15 years later). So he gave me a Droll Yankees 8-inch green The New Generation® sunflower/mixed seed feeder, the perfect little feeder for his little boy.

I can remember putting my snow boots on and marching through the snow with dad to access and refill our feeders. As he refilled his B-7, I would take care of my CJM8G, always making sure it was topped off for the many birds that frequented our backyard during those long, cold months.

I remember thinking even as a 10-year-old how durable and aesthetically pleasing the CJ Series feeders were. I never thought I would someday work at Droll Yankees!

Having worked here for nearly 2 years, I can say without a doubt that what I thought as a 10-year-old about the CJ Series is true of all our feeders here at Droll Yankees. We take pride in our durable designs and in the American Hands that bring them to life. Our Yankee spirit is as dependable and old-fashioned as our products, and it’s truly wonderful to work for a company that believes in its mission: to make The World’s Best Bird Feeders® so that birding enthusiasts around the world can Just Feed Birds and Make a World of Difference®.

–Mike Girard
Marketing Assistant & Customer Service Representative
February 1, 2018