Humming with Happiness: 7 Sweet Tips for How to Attract Hummingbirds

Make a hummingbird-friendly yard and choose the perfect hummingbird feeder with these 7 sweet tips from Droll Yankees®! 1. Hummingbirds have ferocious nectar needs. Hummingbirds need to feed 5 – 8 times every hour, so keeping your hummingbird feeders well supplied with energy-packed nectar is a great way to help these little gems, especially in early Learn More

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Bird Feeders

Spring is a time of warmth, rejuvenation – and spring cleaning. These 5 simple tips will help you get your bird feeders back in shape for spring bird feeding so that you can keep migrating birds healthy and help parent birds feed their fledglings! 1. Bird feeder cleanliness is key for wild bird health. It’s Learn More

Fantastic Hummingbird Facts: A Sweet Little List

Hummingbirds are only found naturally in the Americas. Some Europeans in the 1500s thought that hummingbirds were bird & insect cross-breeds! The French named them “bird flies” and in c. 1640 the English named them “humbirds”. Some even claimed that hummingbirds were dangerous to people, spreading rumors of their “needle-like bills” striking at human eyes. Learn More

Birdscaping: 10 Tips for How to Attract More Birds

Birdscaped backyards provide birds with bird feeders & seed-producing plants for food, native plants for hiding & nesting, and water sources for drinking & bathing. Try birdscaping with these 10 tips for attracting more birds! 1. Multiple feeders attract more birds Providing multiple bird feeder styles and foods attracts more birds to your backyard. Simultaneously Learn More

10 Great Bird Feeding Foods

These 10 great bird feeding foods attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard. 1. Sunflower Seed  A favorite of almost every backyard feeder bird. Sunflower seeds have thin, easy-to-crack shells and can be offered in a wide variety of feeder types, like platform, tube, and hopper feeders. These seeds also have a high fat content that Learn More

9 Bird Feeding Benefits for People & Birds

We can make a world of difference, one bird feeder at a time. Here are 9 benefits of backyard bird feeding for people and birds. 1. Bird feeding helps you experience nature A bird feeder gives you the opportunity to observe the wonders of nature, taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of Learn More

Timely Tips for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeding

Squirrels can really take the fun out of backyard bird feeding. Squirrels are so clever and relentless and it seems sometimes that they’re smarter than most other animals, but your peeps at Droll Yankees® are here to help you get back to feeding the birds and thwarting the squirrels. Bird feeder placement is key Squirrels Learn More

Childhood Birding Memories & Droll Yankees® Bird Feeders

For as long as I can remember, my dad has enjoyed bird feeding. Growing up, we had many bird feeders in our yard, and our family (especially our cats) loved watching wild birds feed and flutter from feeder to feeder. Like many of you, I grew up feeding birds from Droll Yankees® bird feeders, which Learn More

9 Helpful Hints for Attracting Finches

Finches can be finicky, and sometimes they’re hesitant to visit bird feeders. These 9 hints for how to attract finches will help you create a finch-friendly backyard bird feeding station they can’t resist. 1. Place feeders where finches feel safe A feeder out in the open can make finches feel vulnerable to predators. Placing the Learn More

Turn Your Backyard Feeding Station into a Winter Birding Destination

You can help wild birds thrive through winter! Chilly weather means that food, water, and shelter become harder to find, while shorter days leave less time for birds to feed and replenish energy reserves for long, cold nights. The bugs that birds eat are scarce, while snow can cover up remaining food sources. The weather Learn More

Happy Hummingbirds: Tips for choosing the perfect hummingbird feeder

Get your backyard ready for hummingbird season and choose the perfect hummingbird feeder with these sweet tips from Droll Yankees®!  Choose a feeder designed with hummers in mind There are all kinds of nectar feeders on the market these days in all colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Be sure you are picking a feeder that Learn More

How much do wild birds visiting bird feeders weigh?

Well they’re not quite light as a feather, but they don’t go down like a lead balloon when they fly either. So how much do your favorite backyards birds truly weigh? Here are the average weights of some of the most common visitors to backyard bird feeders as well some feeder foes. Most Desired & Learn More

Winter Migration: Which birds stay and how do they stay warm?

Winter migration and the backyard birds that stay behind can raise many questions about how a bird survives such journeys and temperatures. When the winter snow starts falling in many parts of the country, some backyard birds have already departed for warmer climates, while other birds are migrating into backyards from further north. Only the Learn More

Jump-Start Birds’ Journeys with a Migration-Ready Yard

Migrating birds are now making their way south for winter. Some people believe this is now the time to cut back on their backyard feeding so they don’t distract these birds on the move. This could not be further from the truth. Fall is a fantastic time to feed birds. Offering a steady, plentiful bounty Learn More

How to Feed Wild Birds Through All the Seasons

Feeding wild birds is one of the best ways to impact the world around you. The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. Many believe that birds only benefit from feeders during certain times of the year. However, Learn More

Enjoying your summer birds!

In New England we experienced what I referred to as a reluctant spring. That weather pattern was in other regions of the country as well. But in spite of slower temperature increases and the continued cool nights, the birds followed their inner clocks and returned to their breeding grounds. We’ve been delighted by summer bird Learn More

Nesting Season

Hi, I know Spring is coming because the crocuses are blooming, in spite of the snow around them. And the birds are also telling me that it’s Spring. If you like feeding birds, you probably like having them in your yard and learning about them. Have you noticed any birds that are starting to build Learn More

You don’t feed hummers??

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve heard that some people don’t feed hummingbirds because they think it’s bothersome to mix up the nectar and care for the feeders. I can promise you that it’s really quick and easy and gives you great return on your investment. Use table sugar (sucrose), as it is chemically very Learn More

Have you ever found a baby bird?

Have you ever found a baby bird and wondered what to do with it? Birds fall out of nests sometimes; what should you do? If you can see the nest above, it’s OK to pick it up and put it back in the nest. The parents won’t abandon the baby because you touched it. But first, Learn More

Bird Feeding Tips

6 Steps to Turn Your Yard into a Sanctuary for Birds Developed by the Wild Bird Feeding Industry and partners. Put out the welcome mat! Create a habitat with native plants to provide natural food, shelter from weather and predators, and nesting sites. Provide feeders, nest boxes and water. Prepare a proper menu. Offering the right foods year round Learn More

Feeding Birds Teaches Hard Lessons

June 2012 Dear Friends, Our first hummers were later than in other years, but only by a couple of days. They’re landing on their favorite branches and seem to be enjoying the feeders as much as we’re enjoying them. We think we recognize the ‘little’ female (aren’t they all little?) and the way they make Learn More

Feeding Gone Wild – A Backyard Birder’s Secrets

December 2011 This month, our Marketing Coordinator, Kate Peikin, had the good fortune to be in touch with a longtime Droll Yankees® customer: Edgar D. of Far Hills, NJ. Edgar has a unique perspective on Droll Yankees bird feeders and accessories because he has been using our products since the company was founded in 1969! Learn More

Time to Clean the Feeders!

October 2011 I can remember when fall meant getting the storm windows out of storage, washing them and climbing the ladder to put them up for the winter. Compared to that chore, cleaning feeders is easy. Just put all the parts of your feeder into a bucket with mild soap and water and let them Learn More