Squirrel Proof Feeder Lures Finches

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Squirrel Proof Feeder Lures Finches
Danielson, CT – July 29, 2010 – Droll Yankees Inc.® announced the addition of a new Nyjer Domed Cage Feeder (THDC-23Y) a hybrid of their popular New Generation Finch Flocker and Sanctuary lines.

The 23” Finch Flocker Yellow Nyjer® seed feeder, enclosed in a generous 11” diameter cage, protects the feeder from raids by pesky gray squirrels and overbearing starlings and grackles. 1-1/2” cage openings prevent entry of these larger seed eaters. A 13” clear polycarbonate dome protects the feeder and the birds against weather without obstructing the viewers’ enjoyment of their magnificent backyard birds.

The sturdy powder coated cage’s wire bottom prevents hulls from accumulating and decomposing. A specially designed wing nut attaches the cage to the feeder base making removal for cleaning easy.

Company President Betsy Puckett commented, “Consumers are gaining an understanding of the importance of bird feeders that work well for the birds and are easy to fill and clean. This new Nyjer Domed Cage Feeder is a natural and sure to be a best seller too.”

The Droll Yankees brand of bird feeders is proudly made in the USA and is sold through quality Lawn & Garden distributors for sale into independent retailers.


About Droll Yankees Inc.
Droll Yankees Inc® is known as the Makers of the World’s Best Bird Feeders®, having introduced the first tubular bird feeder in 1969 and being acknowledged as the standard bearer ever since. Innovative designs, reliable quality and a Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage have made Droll Yankees famous throughout the world.
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