Squirrel Proof Bird Shelter Feeders

Date: February 27, 2006

feeder2Big Protection for Small Birds is now being offered by Droll Yankees with the redesign of their caged feeders. The new Bird Shelter Feeders boast a wider diameter cage (10.5″) to prevent squirrels, starlings and grackles from reaching the ports. A new, open cage bottom allows debris to fall through, which prevents squirrels from reaching for accumulated seed. The signature feature, the clear overhead dome for enhanced viewing and weather protection, has been retained for a clean, uncluttered look. The new design still allows for easy cage removal and cleaning by unscrewing the bottom plug.

There are three new models available in two sizes: an 18″ tall black cage, with a six port 2.5 pound capacity sunflower/mixed seed feeder, and a 12″ tall green cage, available with either with a six port sunflower/mixed seed feeder or an eight port nyjer seed feeder. The caged feeders are packaged in a new, open style box, which showcases the colorful and educational bellyband so consumers can learn about all of the Squirrel Proof benefits that these Caged Feeders offer.

All Droll Yankees products are constructed of the highest quality materials available and carry The Droll Yankees Lifetime Warranty.

For more information please contact us at 800-352-9164.