Droll Yankees’® Announces Its Newest Line of Feeders: A Family of Four Nectar Bird Feeders

Ruby Sipper Hanging Hummingbird Feeder in Lavender

Hungry hummingbirds visit the Ruby Sipper Hanging Hummingbird Feeder in Lavender

Summary: The Ruby Sipper® Hummingbird Feeders from Droll Yankees® are a novel approach to fun nectar feeding, backed by practical performance. The sweet curved lines of the design and manageable capacity make these feeders a stylish means of creating multiple hummingbird feeding stations.

Plainfield, CT – June 02, 2015 –Droll Yankees has just introduced the Ruby Sipper® line of hummingbird feeders. A family of four nectar feeders, this novel new feeder design has been an instant hit with hummingbird aficionados who appreciate a refreshing change in a market flooded with look-alikes. Its distinctive styling expresses the natural curves of flowers with an attitude of whimsy, without sacrificing practical performance. Available in both hanging and window mounted versions, bird watchers can experiment with placement options to mitigate the ability of one hummingbird to dominate the nectar source.

Designer Scott Colwell, who also serves as Droll Yankees Vice President of Operations, was pursuing an “artistic expression while retaining a natural feeling” when he created this new product, incorporating Droll Yankees’ fundamental concern for ease of use for the customer and proper function for the birds.

Each feeder has three feeding ports where ever hungry hummers can pause for a sip on the fly, or rest on the upturned flower petals that double as perches. All four models sport a ruby red feeder cover with the choice of a lavender or clear feeder dish in both hanging and window mount versions. The low profile design, characteristic of all Droll Yankees’ hummingbird feeders, doesn’t hide the birds from view. Each dish is engraved with the nectar recipe, ”One part sugar to four parts water” so that season to season the consumer is reminded of the ratio needed to mix the simple sugar syrup that is closest to flower nectar. These feeders are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against defects.

Ruby Sipper Window Hummingbird Feeder in Clear

Hummingbirds float above and grab a snack from the Ruby Sipper Window Hummingbird Feeder in Clear

All models of the Ruby Sipper have a 5-ounce capacity that is ideal for establishing multiple feeding stations and for managing fresh nectar conservatively. Hummingbirds, most commonly males, are often possessive of food resources and are known to stake a claim on backyard feeders by chasing off any other hummers attempting to feed. To help reduce territorial behavior, several smaller capacity Ruby Sipper feeders can be installed out of sight of each other where one dominant bird cannot monopolize them. Since hummingbird nectar should be changed every few days if not consumed, these smaller capacity feeders are ideally suited to being used in multiples. An added benefit of installing more nectar feeders can result in more hummingbirds in the yard. Each hummingbird could have its own feeder.

The hanging versions of the Ruby Sipper float on a gracefully arched wire and lift off easily for cleaning and re-filling. The window mounted models allow for additional feeder placement options with the benefit of close up viewing. Resting on a stainless steel hideaway mount that is attached to the window with two strong suction cups, the feeder is removed easily in the same manner of the hanging version. Positioning on a window lures the hummingbirds to a spot where delighted birders can observe them closely.

There is no age limit for the enjoyment of these delightful birds, engaging all who see them, and living up to the name describing a group of hummingbirds, known as a charm.

To purchase any of the Ruby Sipper feeders, stop by a local Droll Yankees retailer or visit Drollyankees.com.


In 1969, Droll Yankees started a bird feeding revolution with Model A-6F, the first tubular bird feeder. Since then, Droll Yankees has built on that success, continually developing innovative approaches to bird feeding that benefit both the birds and Droll Yankees customers. Generations of bird lovers have appreciated Droll Yankees’ quality construction, functional simplicity, and commitment to American workers. Droll Yankees offers a Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage and will replace any squirrel-damaged or defective parts, free of charge. To learn more about Droll Yankees’ products, visit http://www.drollyankees.com

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