Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder (YCPW-180)


Droll Yankees – Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder
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Droll Yankees Yankee - Whipper with songbirds feedingDroll Yankees Yankee Whipper repelling a squirrel

Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder (YCPW-180)

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Keep squirrels away from your bird feeder and save seed! The 5 pound capacity Droll Yankees Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder is a weight sensitive collapsing curved perch feeder that supports birds and not squirrels. It allows the birds to eat and saves seed by keeping squirrels away.

  • The Whipper features four seed ports with individual weight sensitive perches
  • Curved perch design encourages cardinals and small songbirds to eat, but prevents squirrels from feeding.
  • Each perch is individually sprung and calibrated to collapse when approximately 2 oz. or more rests on the perch
  • Length and girth of the feeder are specific to repelling squirrels. The heavy metal cap is constructed to prevent squirrels from raising the cap and reaching the seed inside.
  • An internal baffle design delivers the seed to the ports.
  • The 4-3/4″ x 17″ clear feeder tube is made of UV stabilized polycarbonate for long lasting durability without yellowing.
  • The metal cap and feeder base are powder coated a stunning Evening Blue.
  • The Whipper hangs from a looped stainless steel wire that reduces motion that would spill seed. Add a Locking Chain to secure it against falls.
  • Components made in the U.S A. and in China
  • Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage

Hungry birds will adapt as best they can to the conditions in order to survive and larger birds will sometimes hang onto the collapsed perch and continue to feed. It is uncomfortable for them and difficult so it discourages them but might not be the ultimate preventative.

The clever Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder is a member of the Yankee Family of squirrel-proof feeders from Droll Yankees.

The Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder has four specially calibrated curved perches that allow birds of all sizes to feed, but collapse under the weight of a squirrel. The clear 17” UV stabilized polycarbonate seed tube is too long and large in circumference for squirrels to navigate. It will hold 5 pounds of seed that is only accessible from the four perches. The clear polycarbonate helps you keep track of seed levels. A heavy, snug fitting cap sits firmly in place atop the feeder and can only be lifted by humans, not squirrels. The Whipper’s metal parts are powder coated in a lovely evening blue that will resist chipping and fading. Hanging is a cinch with the sturdy stainless steel looped hanging wire. Backed by Droll Yankees Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage.

Birds that use this feeder: Cardinals, Chickadees, Finches, Flickers, Goldfinches, Grackles, Grosbeaks, Jays, Juncos, Kinglets, Nuthatches, Redpolls, Siskins, Sparrows, Starlings, Titmice, Towhees, Woodpeckers and Wrens

Feeding wild birds is one of the best ways to impact the world around you. The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it clean and full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. Many backyard bird watchers believe that birds only benefit from feeders during certain times of the year. However, birds actually have a year-round need for reliable, steady food sources.

Feeding Sunflower Seeds: A favorite of almost every backyard feeder bird. They have easy to crack, thin shells and can be offered in a wide variety of feeder types, like platform, tube, and hopper feeders. These seeds also have a high fat content that is perfect for giving birds energy all year long, especially in winter.

Please! For the sake of the birds, keep your feeder clean! Dirty feeders spread disease. Soak all parts in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Use a Droll Yankees Bird Feeder Brush to brush away grime inside the tube.


Dimensions 9.5 x 9.5 x 28.5 in
Manufacturer Warranty

Lifetime Warranty against damage to feeder body, 1 year Limited Warranty on collapsible perch mechanism

Seed or feed options

Sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, sunflower kernels and cracked corn


UV-stabilized polycarbonate, stainless steel bail wire and powder coated metal


5 lbs. of seed, 4 ports


Must be hung

4 reviews for Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder (YCPW-180)

  1. 2 out of 5


    Not squirrel proof. You have to squirrel proof your set up with a baffle or similar. Otherwise they will empty it….fast. On the plus side, it does hold a lot of seed. Two stars for high price and unrealistic advertising.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The placement of the feeder is a major key to ots success. So far the squirrels are baffled by this feeders design.

  3. 4 out of 5


    Squirrels are not able to reach seeds, but larger birds (e.g. mourning doves) have learned to “hold on” while the perches sag, then they reach up into the feed slots. A flock of doves can do some damage in a day!

  4. 2 out of 5


    I have had this feeder for a number of years. We suspended it over the deck and have been success against squirrels until now. A smart one has figured out how to hang across the feeder :-(
    Any ideas what to do next?

    • :

      Squirrels are so clever and relentless and it seems sometimes that are smarter than most other animals. One of the biggest challenges to feeding wild birds as well as our own challenge too, is deterring squirrels. We work on a daily basis to create quality products and cultivate good advice that will help us all fight this fight.

      The key to keeping a feeder squirrel-proof successful is the placement. We advise that a bird feeder should be placed 4 feet from the ground and 8 feet from anything a squirrel can jump from. If you are using a hook or pole we recommend the hook have at least a 16” distance from the pole.

      You could also consider removing the feeder for a day or two and try to “re-set” the squirrel’s determination. If you continue to have problems, please email us at drollbird@drollyankees.com

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