Yankee Flipper Replacement Powerstick (PWRSTK)


Yankee Flipper Replacement Powerstick (PWRSTK)



Even the hardest working, longest lasting squirrel resistant feeders need a tune up every once in a while. The Powerstick is a replacement part for the Yankee Flipper. If the original Powerstick in the feeder stops working or holding a charge, this part can get the feeder back into squirrel flipping shape for countless hours of squirrel protection.

Note:  The current version of the Yankee Flipper, which uses a Power Stick, has a black on/off switch on the base.  The original version of the Yankee Flipper, which was discontinued in 2003, did not have a black on/off switch on the base.  The original version did not use a Power Stick and may be upgraded to the current version by ordering a YF03, which consists of all parts below the tube including a Power Stick and an AC/DC Adapter.

The input jack located at the top of the Power Stick, for charging purposes, was changed in 2008.  A new AC/DC Adapter may be required if you are replacing the older version Power Stick (switch had a vertical black pin) with the current version Power Stick.

Replacement Power Stick for the Yankee Flipper.


For Yankee Flippers with black "on/off" switch


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