Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder (WH-3)


Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder (WH-3)

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Bring the hummingbirds right up to the window with the Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder!

  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Holds 6 oz. of nectar
  • Attaches to window by two strong suction cups
  • 2 feeding ports
  • Eye-catching ruby red attracts hummingbirds instantly
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate won’t yellow with age
  • Our Perfect Little Brush is included to keep feeder ports clean
  • Optional Nectar Guard® Tips (not included) block bees and flying insects
  • Lifetime Warranty covers defects
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Our Tweet Spot® Canopy (TS-C) attaches to your window with two suction cups to protect the Window Hummer 3 from weather.


Click here for the Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder instruction manual.


Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder replacement parts:

Note: Nectar is easily made by boiling 4 parts water and 1 part table sugar and will keep in the refrigerator up to two weeks. Be sure mixture is cooled before filling feeder.

Birds that use this feeder:
Designed for Hummingbirds, other species are sometimes attracted to Hummingbird feeders, including: Orioles, Tanagers, Woodpeckers, Cape May Warblers.

Dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 3 in
Manufacturer Warranty

Lifetime Warranty against defects

Seed or feed options

Nectar (made from 1 part table sugar and 4 parts boiling water)


UV-stabilized polycarbonate and strong suction cups


6 oz., 2 ports


Suction cup bar for easy on/off

Prop 65 Warning

WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

How do you keep the ants off of this feeder? Can you attach an ant moat?

Unfortunately, because this feeder is window-mounted and not hung, you cannot attach an ant moat.

If you experience issues with ants, it is very possible that your feeder is leaking. Check for any cracks on the feeder and feeding ports. Additionally, placing your feeder in direct sunlight can cause leakage because the sunlight will expand the plastic. It is recommended to place your feeder in partial sunlight. Regularly cleaning your feeder, especially in hot weather, should help detract ants too.

You may also mark the path ants are taking to your feeder with sidewalk chalk. Another tactic is covering the top of your hummingbird feeder with cinnamon; birds are unable to taste spice, but ants are repelled by cinnamon.

If these solutions do not help, try relocating your hummingbird feeder. Sometimes all it takes is a few feet to stop ants from visiting your feeder!

2 reviews for Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder (WH-3)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Got this for my mother as her first hummingbird feeder. I like several elements of this feeder. First and foremost, made in USA and still a competitive price and quality. Instructions are good. I also like that the it old take a small amount of the liquid food / sugar water. My mom makes it herself and this allows her to not waste much liquid / food when she regularly changes and washes the feeder.

    I have been amazed at how quickly the hummingbirds spotted it! The 2nd day she pyt it up we saw our first one 🙂

    My mom isn’t the most handy / mechanically inclinde person in the world, and she was quickly able to instal it. I also like the design. It’s simple, small and when cleaning or filling the feeder, the suction cups stay on her window and she easily removes the rest of the unit.

    It seems simple, smart, well made and the hummingbirds seem to love it! (…and made in the USA from a “healthier” type of plastic.)

    Oh yeah, having not installed it myself I assumed that the little birds would eat/ drink from the center / top of the feeder.

    It wasn’t until I saw a hummingbird feeding that I realized there are little plastic flowers in/ on the red plastic top-sides. These flower shapes show the hummingbirds where they can access the food (by sticking their straw-like beak and drink up the liquid).

    It’s funny to say, but the hummingbirds understood this design instantly.

    You could say that the hummingbirds are the ones that showed me how this feeder actually works.

    My mom likes it so much that I plan on ordering her at least 2 more. (& I have looked around at the other feeders available, and I’ll still be ordering more of this same exact feeder. She also said if she were buying more feeders for herself, she would order more of this same item.

    The other reviewer said they had trouble with ants. We have not experienced this.

    My mom does get a lot of ants at her place, but she hasn’t gotten a single ant (or any bug) with this feeder.

    I would think there are many factors at play here – most of which I’m unaware of. I do know it has not been an issue for her.

    If ants become an issue in the future, I’ll try and remember to update my review.)

    Recommended…I’ll be ordering more!!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    Patty Dykstra

    This product needs a redesign, to include a moat to keep ants out. I have had it for years and am about to completely give up on it. It fills with tiny ants so quickly, even with bee guards on the inside feeding tips, requiring nearly daily change of hummer sugar water to keep it clean for the hummers. I have begun to think of it as a lovely little ant trap. Please redesign this- it’s a great idea that needs improvement. Also, while you are at it, a third suction cup would secure it to glass better. I have found it hanging from one suction cup, drained, perhaps after an oriole has tried to feed on it.

    • Droll Yankees

      Hello Patty,
      Thank you for contacting Droll Yankees and taking the time to offer your suggestions. We are always looking for ways to improve the birding experience for backyard birds and backyard birders, and the ideas and suggestions of innovative, thinking people are always welcome.

      Based on your review, it sounds like a hanging hummingbird feeder with an ant moat may be a better option for your bird feeding station. Simply hang your hummingbird feeder from the ant moat and fill the ant moat with water to deter ants.

      If you have any additional suggestions or questions, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-352-9164 and any one of our Customer Service Reps will be happy to assist you. Our hours are 7 am – 4:30 pm Mon-Fri (EST). Thanks again for your message, and happy birding!

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