Squirrel Slinky® (RLS)


Squirrel Slinky® (RLS)



  • Squirrels, raccoons and other climbing critters can’t gain any headway when they try to climb over a Squirrel Slinky
  • Use for pole mounted bird feeders
  • Fitted with a high tensile spring, when weight is put on it, the Squirrel Slinky lowers to the ground
  • As the critters move their weight from the Squirrel Slinky to the pole above, the rod rises and pushes their paws off
  • Included with our Ultimate Nest Box System, and also fits our Ultimate Yard System, Shepherd’s Envy Pole, and Garden Pole


Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 20 in

Powder coated aluminum with stainless steel spring


Use for pole mounted bird feeders and nest boxes


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