Single Arm Mount and Hanger (SAM)


Single Arm Mount and Hanger (SAM)



The Single Arm Mount can be used to extend many Droll Yankees pole systems, like the Shepherd’s Envy Pole and Garden Pole. The Single Arm Mount is a 16 in. galvanized, powder-coated steel attachment that has a locking hook to securely hold a feeder. The steel construction ensures this accessory is durable and strong for long-lasting performance.

  • 16 in. arm with locking hook keeps bird feeders from falling
  • Wide arm keeps hanging feeders farther from the pole, minimizing predators’ access to feeders
  • Compatible with Droll Yankees’ Shepherd’s Envy Pole, Garden Pole and Garden Pole systems
  • Galvanized, powder-coated steel construction is rust-resistant

*Note – When assembling your pole, applying Vaseline to the engaging parts will prevent them from sticking together over time.

Dimensions 18 x 1.5 x 9 in

Attachment option to Adjustable Deck Clamp and Hanger (DCH), Flower Garden Pole (FGP) or Shepherd's Envy Pole (SEP)


Galvanized powder coated steel


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