Ring Pull Perch Rings (RPPR)


$4.49 $2.92

Ring Pull Perch Rings (RPPR)

$4.49 $2.92


Made specifically for Droll Yankees’ discontinued Ring Pull bird feeder collection*, our Ring Pull Perch Rings convert straight perches to platform perches to attract a wider variety of birds.

  • Ring Pull Perch Rings provide a broader footing for larger birds, including ground feeders
  • Birds can face the feeder directly rather than sideways, helping them to make the most of their peripheral vision
  • Super strong polycarbonate design is easy to add or remove
  • 2 rings per package

*Note: Ring Pull Perch Rings do not fit Ring Pull Classic feeders (A-6RP, TH-3RP).

Dimensions 2.5 x 2 x 1 in

Slide onto perch rods of Droll Yankees Ring Pull feeders




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