Garden Pole (GP)


Garden Pole (GP)



This sturdy basic starter pole is 1″ in diameter and is perfect for positioning bird feeders and plants just where you want them in your yard. Dependable, Droll Yankees construction will stand up to the toughest elements and keep this pole working for you, season after season.

  • The Garden Pole comes in three sections and when assembled, is 68″ tall
  • One section is pointed to drive into the ground and the other two pole parts engage in seconds
  • The engaging parts are keyed with a dimple in one and a groove in the other to reduce any motion caused by wind*
  • Galvanized, powder coated steel construction is rust-resistant
  • Mount any Droll Yankees tubular, caged, DCF, X-1B, LF-3, or H8-2 bird feeder at the top with the included Pole Adapter

However you want to feed birds in your yard, the specialized products in Droll Yankees’ Ultimate Pole System allow you to customize your pole to your needs. To add to your hanging options, try our 12″ Triple Pole Hooks (TPH), Single Arm Mount and Hanger (SAM) Double Arm Mount and Hanger (DAM), or Bird House Mount (BHM). Our Squirrel Slinkyᆬ_ᆲ (RLS) keeps squirrels from climbing up the pole, while our Universal Seed Tray (UN), Giant Seed Tray (GS), and/or Water Dish (WD) expand your feeding options and attract even more birds to your yard. Choose an Ultimate Ground Auger (UGA) for extra stabilization. You may also choose to extend your Garden Pole by 22″ with the Pole Section (PS).

*Note – When assembling your pole, applying Vaseline to the engaging parts will prevent them from sticking together over time.

Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 68 in

Galvanized powder coated steel


Drive into the ground


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