Droll Yankees® Classic Feeders are now Fully Assembled

Date: February 27, 2006
Contact: 800-352-9164, Fax: 860-779-8936

Droll Yankees® Classic feeders are now fully assembled! Our Classic bird feeders, which include the A-6F (the first tubular bird feeder invented) have been given a complete makeover to help both the consumer and the retailer! The finish was updated to an elegant Polished Pewter last year and received rave reviews! This year, the A-6F, A-6 Mini, TH-3 and TH Mini are fully assembled and ready to use. No more perch rods to insert!

The packaging is:

  • Open so the feeders are fully visible – Customers can evaluate the quality and see how easy the feeders are to use.
  • Colorful and attractive – Designed to be hung or shelved. The rich package color complements the deep hue of the metal parts.
  • Informational – Both the box and feeder label have helpful information that works effectively as in-store merchandising tools. This helps the consumer understand the purpose of the feeder – how to feed, what to feed and what birds to expect at the feeder.

All DY Classics are constructed of the highest quality materials available and carry the Droll Yankees Lifetime Warranty. These feeders are in stock now! For more information, please contact us at 800-352-9164.

Due to an increase in orders, customer service responses are subject to delay of 3 business days and order shipments are subject to delay of up to 4 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience! Dismiss