Droll Yankees – American Bird

Droll Yankees – American Bird

Thu, May 1, 2008

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American Bird; Proudly Made in America; Proudly Sold in America

What is Red, White and Blue, attracts birds and is a great tool for holiday sales Memorial Day through the Fourth of July?

Droll Yankees Inc. ®, makers of The Worlds Best Bird Feeders®, is proud to announce American Bird .These feeders are dressed in Red, White and Blue to express a patriotic feel. They are available in a 15 inch Sunflower/Mixed seed version as well as a 15 inch Nyjer seed option. Pre-packed sets are also available and come with FREE Patriotic Point of Purchase.

With the weakening dollar and recessionary worries, it only makes sense to buy American. Spending American dollars on American products creates and saves American jobs. It is called Patriotic Spending. Promote and support the following holidays and encourage Patriotic Spending in your store:
Memorial Day
Fourth for July
Veterans Day

Currently available through quality Lawn & Garden Distributors. To add extra value for the independent retailers, Droll Yankees products are not sold to Wal-Mart ®, Target ®, Home Depot ®, Lowes® or K-Mart ®.