The New Cutest Chickadee Feeder by Droll Yankees®

The New Cutest Chickadee Feeder by Droll Yankees® is the Ideal Sized Bird Feeder for Small Spaces and Budgets But Big on Value For Bird Watchers of All Ages!

Summary: Droll Yankees newest domed feeder is a manageable, appealing bird feeder option for small spaces; small budgets, and is especially suited for a universally favored small songbird, the chickadee. The CUTE is sure to be a new backyard favorite for birders of all ages with it’s fly through feeding, an adjustable dome to control the size of feeding birds, a sturdy UV stabilized polycarbonate construction, and a price tag that falls below $20.
Droll Yankees Cutest Chickadee Bird Feeder

Plainfield, CT (PRWEB) September 22, 2015 — The name says it all. It’s the cutest little bird feeder around! The Cutest Chickadee Feeder (Model Name CUTE) is a perfect match, especially for chickadees. The design of the sweet little feeder mimics the tiny, bubbly bird it so well suits. It is small with easy, rounded lines that offer a playful simplicity. The chickadee is easily one of the all-around favorite backyard feeder visitors for many birders. As the Cornell Lab of Ornithology points out on their All About Birds site profile of the Black-capped Chickadee, it is “a bird almost universally considered ‘cute’ thanks to its oversized round head, tiny body, and curiosity about everything, including humans.” Chickadees are always flitting around the yard and their active, seemingly chipper demeanor is a joy to watch. When they feed, chickadees like to grab a bite on the run and fly away to store their treats. The fly through feeding style of the CUTE bird feeder is a great plus for them. Chickadees can remember thousands of hiding places where they have stored food. So, they will be frequent feeder visitors all year round to continuously stock up on seed to hide.

The 6 inch dome of the CUTE feeder keeps food options protected, while allowing for easy, open feeding. It can be raised or lowered depending on the birds one intends to feed, raised for larger birds, lowered for small birds, like Chickadees. The 4.5 inch dish of the feeder is a versatile feeding area and the manageable size means that no food will go untouched and left to spoil. It has a 1 cup capacity that ensures that birds will consume the food in a reasonable time. It can be used for a wide variety of foods like seed, suet, or fruit. Mealworms are another coveted treat for many backyard songbirds and provide valuable nutrients, including protein and fat. Offered in small quantities, the larvae are often devoured quickly by hungry birds. Droll Yankees’ newest versatile domed feeder is the perfect size for such a limited sampling of a special snack, as well as a variety of other favorite foods.

The Cutest Chickadee Feeder is the best quality bird feeder of its size and type and features a sturdy construction that will stand up for years of use. It is constructed of durable UV stabilized polycarbonate and has a central stainless steel rod that secures the dish and dome. It is a cinch to clean. The dish easily unscrews and both the dish and the dome easily slide off the hanging rod for quick disassembling and all access cleaning. The CUTE is the best bird feeder for small spaces, like apartments or condos or even just a porch area. It is compact and versatile enough to fit a vast range of feeding needs. This feeder also appeals to any budget, as it retails for less than $20. Coupled with the Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage, The Cutest Chickadee Feeder is a great lasting value for birders of all ages.


In 1969, Droll Yankees started a bird feeding revolution with Model A-6F, the first tubular bird feeder. Since then, Droll Yankees has built on that success, continually developing innovative approaches to bird feeding that benefit both the birds and Droll Yankees customers. Generations of bird lovers have appreciated Droll Yankees’ quality construction, functional simplicity, and commitment to American workers. Droll Yankees offers a Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage and will replace any squirrel-damaged or defective parts, free of charge. To learn more about Droll Yankees’ products, visit

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