Enjoying your summer birds!

In New England we experienced what I referred to as a reluctant spring. That weather pattern was in other regions of the country as well. But in spite of slower temperature increases and the continued cool nights, the birds followed their inner clocks and returned to their breeding grounds. We’ve been delighted by summer bird Learn More

Nesting Season

Hi, I know Spring is coming because the crocuses are blooming, in spite of the snow around them. And the birds are also telling me that it’s Spring. If you like feeding birds, you probably like having them in your yard and learning about them. Have you noticed any birds that are starting to build Learn More

You don’t feed hummers??

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve heard that some people don’t feed hummingbirds because they think it’s bothersome to mix up the nectar and care for the feeders. I can promise you that it’s really quick and easy and gives you great return on your investment. Use table sugar (sucrose), as it is chemically very Learn More

Have you ever found a baby bird?

Have you ever found a baby bird and wondered what to do with it? Birds fall out of nests sometimes; what should you do? If you can see the nest above, it’s OK to pick it up and put it back in the nest. The parents won’t abandon the baby because you touched it. But first, Learn More

Important Message from Betsy – to Our Retailers

January 2013 Dear Retailers, You might have heard that Droll Yankees has developed both a Private Label product as well as a line of basic entry level feeders that bear the Droll Yankees name. These feeders were designed to attract a more diverse consumer through larger retailers. Many of you are now aware that Walmart Learn More

Feeding Birds Teaches Hard Lessons

June 2012 Dear Friends, Our first hummers were later than in other years, but only by a couple of days. They’re landing on their favorite branches and seem to be enjoying the feeders as much as we’re enjoying them. We think we recognize the ‘little’ female (aren’t they all little?) and the way they make Learn More

Feeding Gone Wild – A Backyard Birder’s Secrets

December 2011 This month, our Marketing Coordinator, Kate Peikin, had the good fortune to be in touch with a longtime Droll Yankees customer – Edgar D. of Far Hills, NJ. Edgar has a unique perspective on Droll Yankees bird feeders and accessories, because he has been using our products since the company was founded in Learn More

Time to Clean the Feeders!

October 2011 I can remember when Fall meant getting the storm windows out of storage, washing them and climbing the ladder to put them up for the winter. Compared to that chore, cleaning feeders is easy. Just put all the parts of your feeder into a bucket with mild soap and water and let them Learn More