American Hands

American Workers Are the Inspiration for Droll Yankees®
“American Hands” Campaign

PLAINFIELD, CT (July 5, 2011) — Droll Yankees’® new product hang tag reads “This product was made in America by American hands. Purchase this product and keep those hands working.” It is a call to action for American consumers to support their fellow workers, and boost the U.S. economy. The hang tag can be found on 35 of the bird feeder manufacturer’s products, all of which boast US-made components.

As the producer of the first tubular bird feeder, Droll Yankees has led the way for bird feeder manufacturers worldwide. Unlike many other companies, however, Droll Yankees refuses to offshore its manufacturing. For over 40 years, Droll Yankees has produced its bird feeders in New England, where American workers can control the quality of the products, and meet or improve upon Droll Yankees’ high manufacturing standards. The “American Hands” campaign embodies Droll Yankees’ long-term investment in American workers and the vital role they play in the US economy.

Unfortunately, too many American workers—over 400,000—are newly jobless, and according to a recent Gallup report, “there is not enough job growth to lower the unemployment rate,” which hit 9.1% nationally in May. Combined with a slowing economy, rising consumer prices, and an ever-increasing slew of imported products, American workers are losing their ability to make a living. The goal of “American Hands” is to call attention to this situation, and through the purchase of Droll Yankees’ American-made products, to provide some relief to American workers in the form of jobs.

“Our workers are important to us, and we want to recognize their efforts in helping us to create ‘The World’s Best Bird Feeders®,’” says Betsy Puckett, Droll Yankees President. “For us, this issue is personal…the image of the hand in the logo evokes the many American workers who have collaborated on Droll Yankees products, from design, to manufacturing, to assembly, to shipping. The workers in our facility are real people. They have families, hopes, and dreams, and they have bills to pay, so it’s important to keep them employed. We feel strongly about keeping jobs here in the US and we’re proud to be playing our small part in doing what is right for America.”

To purchase Droll Yankees’ American-made products and do your small part for American workers, click here.

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